Lightspeed Pro HPS 1000W 2350 Umol Bulb

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Designed specifically for horticultural use, the Lightspeed PRO series 1000W HPS mogul-base lamp produces an intense lumen output which penetrates deep into the garden canopy, providing up to 2350 µMol of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and the ideal spectral color balance for plant growth.

  • Designed for hydroponic gardening
  • Up to 2350 µMol output
  • Capitalizes on the “Super Lumens” or “Turbo” setting of most digital ballasts
  • High red spectral ratio for enhanced flowering growth
  • Soldered contact tips for longevity
  • Individually tested under strict quality control guidelines
  • Initial Lumens: 150000
  • Efficacy: 140 lm/w
  • Rated life: 24000 hr
  • Max. warm up time: 7 min
  • Max hot re-strike time: 3 min
  • Correlated color temperature: 2000K
  • Color rendering index: 35
  • Operating position: U
  • Nominal lamp wattage: 1050W
  • Nominal lamp voltage: 250V
  • Nominal lamp current: 5.2A
  • Max overall length: 383mm
  • Light center length: 222mm
  • Base to bulb eccentricity: 3 degrees
  • Max bulb temperature: 450°C
  • Bulb shape: TT65
  • Bulb material: Borosilicate (hard glass)
  • Arc tube material: PCA
  • Bulb finish: Clear
  • Base type: E39
  • 1 Year warranty