Great Strain Choices for a Multitude of Uses

Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada, more has been done to research the many health benefits to its use, and promote its contribution to a healthy lifestyle.
People have been using it medically for many years, but as we’ve worked to de-stigmatize its recreational use by legalizing homegrown cannabis and edibles, many people have discovered it also helps to improve their day to day life in many situations.
Just as a person’s reason for using cannabis can vary greatly, so can the strain used and the types of effects it will have. Some strains are known to be stronger and more potent, having more powerful effects while some provide a more relaxed and pleasant feeling. Finding a strain that will provide the right type of effects for the situation it’s intended for is the key to having a good experience with cannabis. In this article, we’ve broken down a few of the common circumstances where people use cannabis and offer a few strain recommendations best suited for that situation. Please keep in mind that everybody experiences cannabis differently, and these are generalized recommendations based on strain type, terpene profiles, potency, etc. If you’re new to cannabis or still figuring out what works best for you it might be advisable to contact in an expert before deciding a strain to grow, clone, or purchase from a dispensary.
Creative Use
Whether you’re an artist, creator, writer, or problem-solver it’s been proven that using cannabis can help develop your creative thinking and open your mind to new possibilities. Many artists also cite that it helps them relax their bodies and focus their minds on whatever they’re creating.
  1. Chemdog - Potent hybrid strain that can help your mind reach new highs, making you feel imaginative. 19% THC with diesel aromas.
  2. Purple Haze - Energizing sativa that will unlock your creativity with a dream-like euphoric feeling. 17% Thc with sweety aromas.
  3. LSD - Powerful hybrid with a “trippy” elated high and intense body buzz that can lead to some serious inspiration. 17% Thc with bright, fruity aromas.
  4. Blue Dream - Sativa hybrid that offers a gentle, level high with full-body relaxation and euphoric focus to help you create. 18% Thc with piney aromas.
  5. Sour Diesel - Extremely energizing sativa that will invigorate and uplift you to focus your creativity. 18% Thc% with pungent diesel aromas.
Daytime Use (Focus)
Cannabis use during the day can help awaken your mind and motivate you to get things done, whether you’re tackling a big project or facing a day full of housework. These energizing strains will help invigorate you and clear your mind so you can focus, for improved productivity.
  1. Jack Herer - A beloved sativa strain that is great in a variety of situations. Offers a blissful, clear-headed high that is perfect for focusing. 17% Thc with fruity aromas.
  2. Green Crack - Highly energizing sativa that will help you get stuff done! Fights fatigue and stress with mental stimulation so you can focus with ease. 15% Thc with peppery aromas.
  3. Candyland - Uplifting sativa that will motivate you to be productive. A stimulating high that will leave you feeling happy and energized. 18% Thc and peppery, citrus aromas.
  4. Sour Tangie - 80% sativa hybrid that offers a balanced relaxing yet energetic high, and creative-inducing buzz. 17% Thc with pine aromas.
  5. Lemon Haze - Invigorating sativa that will bust any limiting stress and depression with a strong, happy high. 19% Thc with citrus & lemon aromas.
Social Use
Overdoing it on a potent strain can have you locked to the couch, but just the right amount of smooth, mild or hybrid strain can have the total opposite effect. If you struggle with social anxiety or have difficulty in social situations one of these strains might be helpful in relaxing you and putting your mind at ease so you can enjoy your company and have a great time!
  1. Chocolope - A feel-good sativa, known as “the party strain”. Offers a strong mental shift that makes you feel relaxed, euphoric and ready to socialize. 15% Thc with rich coffee aromas.
  2. White Russian - Indica dominant strain that offers a wonderful cerebral high, that when used in moderation will fuel great conversation. An amazingly balanced high that is energizing yet relaxing. 16% Thc with sweet, and skunky aromas.
  3. Tangie - Energizing sativa that will make you feel extremely happy and uplifted to help combat social anxiety. 17% Thc with tangerine aromas.
  4. Bubblegum Kush - Indica hybrid that will make you feel you happy, relaxed, and like your stress is melting away. Perfect strain for a lowkey chill! 18% Thc with sour aromas.
  5. Blue Diesel - Balanced hybrid strain offering a pleasant body buzz that will fight fatigue and mental tension, leaving you relaxed and laughing. 17% Thc with Berry aromas.
Medicinal/Pain Relief Use
Some of the most common uses for cannabis are pain relief and the ability to aid in a variety of medical concerns such as nausea, depression, arthritis, and much more. Every case and user is different so it’s best to consult your doctor, but these are just a few strains that are known to help to relax the body and mind to fight pain, tension and other symptoms.
  1. Northern Lights - A well-known pure indica strain that relaxes muscles and mind for a total body calming sensation, 16% Thc with deep peppery aromas.
  2. Black Indica - Indica-dominant hybrid that offers deep relaxation and sedative effects. The relaxing full body high makes it a top choice for those with chronic pain and stress. 17% Thc with spicy and woody aromas.
  3. Cannatonic - Hybrid strain offering an almost 1:1 ratio of Thc:Cbd. Powerfully relaxing high treats a variety of pain including migraines and anxiety. 6% Cbd with sweet and citrusy aromas.
  4. Raspberry Cough - Sativa dominant hybrid that offers a tranquil yet relaxing high that will leave you motivated and focused. Great for users with chronic fatigue, depression, or anxiety to energize the body and quiet the mind. 20% Thc with sweet raspberry aromas.
  5. OG Kush CBD - Indica dominant hybrid high in CBD that offers mild sedation so you feel relaxed but not overwhelmed. 7% Thc, 14% CBD with citrus and pine aromas.
Nighttime Use
Cannabis is great for slowing the mind down after a busy day to help you de-stress and get a great night’s sleep. These strains are great for those dealing with insomnia, or just looking to relax after a long day.
  1. Bubba Kush - Powerful indica strain that offers great sleep-inducing abilities. Tranquillizing and euphoric feelings set in to help you completely relax. 20% Thc with spicy pepper aromas.
  2. Granddaddy Purple - Indica-dominant hybrid with an initial cerebral high that mellows into total body relaxation. Great for chronic pain as well as insomnia. 20% Thc with sweet grape aromas.
  3. Death Star - Potent indica-dominant hybrid offers powerful deep relaxation and replaces all stress with euphoric feelings. High Thc with strong, pungent aromas.
  4. Critical Kush - Stress and pain melting indica strain that offers powerful relaxation into sedation. Perfect right before bedtime. Thc up to 25% with earthy pine aromas.
  5. Blue Cheese - Enjoy pure relaxation with a happy mind with this indica-dominant strain. Great for chilling, as well as pain-relief and insomnia. Thc around 20% with blue cheese and blueberry aromas.
As we mentioned earlier, these are generalizations and will differ from person to person. If you’re looking to grow something new, or want to find something to better suit your intended use please stop by our store to talk to us and we can help recommend a strain that might work for you!