All Hydroponic Grow Supplies & Equipment

Are you looking for a hydroponics equipment supplier that not only carries the best products but also has the know-how to help you along your growing journey too? At Tree of Life, we are your destination for hydroponic supplies Canada wide. We ship grow supplies and hydroponic supplies throughout Canada and are always available virtually or at our in-store locations to support you in finding the indoor growing supplies best suited to your needs.

Whether you are looking for support in choosing the best grow lights or need guidance on finding the right nutrients and supplements for your plants, we can help. Shop for hydroponic equipment and plant supplies through our online store or visit us in-person at our Bowmanville or Pickering hydroponics store location. When looking for supplies for hydroponic farming Canada wide, come to Tree of Life.

Do You Sell Grow Kits?

When purchasing hydroponic growing equipment for the first time it can be hard to know what you really need. We make getting started with hydroponic growing easier by offering grow kits for sale with the basics you need to get growing. Choose from a 1, 2 or 4 plant grow kit and get started on your growing journey.

What Type of Grow Light Should I Buy?

If you’re not sure which lighting option is right for you, contact us. We can help you choose between LED lights, CFL lights or other lighting options within our inventory. We look forward to helping the item best suited to your growing goals and budget. We have the indoor plant supplies you’ve been looking for.

How Can I Know What Growing Media is Best?

Simple changes like ensuring you have the optimal growing media for your plants can make a tremendous difference. After finding your ideal hydro equipment, let us help you find the best hydroponic growing media too. When looking for hydroponic supply companies, we are always your top choice.

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