How to Use Grow Lights: An Ultimate Guide

Grow lights are an essential component of any hydroponic growing setup. Though you know you’ll need them, you might not know how to effectively use them to support growing. When you are just getting started with hydroponic growing, you’ll want to take time to learn how to use grow lights for indoor plants effectively. Though much of hydroponic growing can be learned as you go, reaching out to an experienced grower for support can go a long way towards boosting your success.

How to Use Grow Lights

At Tree of Life, we are your source for hydroponic growing supplies and equipment. We are dedicated to sharing our expert-level knowledge of hydroponic growing with you and are always here to support you along your hydroponic growing journey. We have a variety of grow light options to ensure your success based on your growing goals. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about hydroponic grow lights.

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How Long Should Grow Lights Stay On?

All plants need light to thrive and as such, grow lights are an essential component of any hydroponic growing setup. One of the first things you should know about grow lights is that they aren’t required to be on all the time. In fact, they need to spend a fair amount of time off to allow plants to grow and thrive. Grow lights mimic an outdoor environment with periods of on and off time while offering efficient lighting while they are on.

When deciding how long to keep your grow lights on, consider the lighting needs of your specific plant. Some plants need more light than others. Remember that too much light can be just as much of a problem as too little. Not sure what your plants need? Ask us! We are always here to help you be successful with hydroponic growing.

Do I Need to Vent Grow Lights?

Hydroponic growing results in a humid environment and you’ll want to ensure you have good air quality and proper ventilation while growing. When it comes to knowing how to vent grow lights, the solution is simple. A grow kit with an exhaust system will take care of your ventilation needs but you may also want to consider fans and filters based on your unique needs.

Which Type of Grow Light Should I Choose?

Knowing which style of grow light is best for you can be one of the trickiest decisions when getting set up for hydroponic growing. Choosing the right lighting option is not a one size fits all decision and your specific growing goals and budget will need to be considered. We carry a large selection of grow light options to ensure you have access to the grow lights that are best suited for your needs. Connect with us to learn more about your options and see if CFL grow lights, LED grow lights or even CMH grow lights are right for you.

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