Hydroponic Weed: An Overview of Potency & Quality

Hydroponic Weed: An Overview of Potency & Quality

Growing your own cannabis is not only rewarding, but it can also be an enjoyable process too. If you have been successfully growing your own cannabis in soil, you may be curious about whether making the move to a hydroponic growing setup is worthwhile. Beyond being an indoor process that can be done year-long, hydroponic growing can have some surprising benefits too. In this post, we answer one of our customers' most common questions, is hydroponics better than soil weed?

At Tree of Life, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of hydroponic growing with our customers. We know that growing cannabis hydroponically can help you to achieve your growing goals, including a harvest of potent crops. Let us show you why growing cannabis hydroponically is ideal for both new and experienced growers. When you are ready to get started with hydroponic growing, we are the hydroponic supply store you can depend on for the best supplies and support.

Is Hydroponic Weed Better than Weed Grown in Soil?

When considering a hydroponic growing setup, you’ll want to feel sure that the setup process is worth the end result. Many of our customers ask us, is hydroponic weed more potent than soil-grown weed? Though many cannabis users report that weed grown hydroponically is more potent, science says that potency is comparable across growing methods. However, there are important benefits of hydroponic growing that you’ll still want to consider.

When wondering why is hydroponic grown weed better than soil grown weed, the differentiator often comes down to overall quality. Unlike cannabis grown outdoors, hydroponic cannabis is grown in a controlled setting that can eliminate many of the variables that can influence quality. Insects, soil nutrients, water, and sunlight can all impact how well an outdoor plant will grow. Though you may find outdoor growing to be successful, indoor growing allows for more control over the growing process.

When growing cannabis hydroponically, you are in control of the amount of light the plant receives and can ensure that the plant is getting an optimal amount of nutrients and supplements throughout the growing process. Growing hydroponically allows you to manage the growing process and achieve the results you are hoping for with relative ease. Though there is a learning curve involved with hydroponic growing, once you’ve learned how to grow, you can look forward to consistent and optimal results.

Is Getting Started with Hydroponics Difficult?

If you are interested in hydroponic growing but don’t know where to start, the experts at Tree of Life can help. We simplify your initial growing setup with our convenient grow tent kits and have a selection of indoor grow lights to suit your goals and budget. It might seem overwhelming at first, but hydroponic growing doesn’t have to be complex.

See our guide, Getting Started with Hydroponics, for additional support with your initial hydroponic growing setup or connect with a member of our team. We look forward to setting you up for success with hydroponic growing and are here to help make your growing experience a great one.