Seaweed: Your Plants' Organic Nutrient

Seaweed: Your Plants’ Organic Nutrient
Gardeners, growers, and farmers have long been using seaweed as an organic natural fertilizer, for all types of plants. If you’re looking to add minerals to your plant’s diet and promote growth, all-natural seaweed and sea kelp are one of the known “superfoods” to cannabis growers. Overall, the use of these sea plants offers your plant a more balanced and aerated medium, with protection from bad bacteria. Seaweed can be used alone as a mulch, or fertilizer, but it is also available as a main ingredient in a few retail-ready products available in our store.
There are lots of great benefits to adding seaweed to your garden. Here are just a few:
  1. Contains a wide variety of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, as well as other trace elements that are not available in other forms of fertilizer such as manure.
  2. Improves the aeration of your soil (or medium), especially if its compacted and seaweed is applied as a mulch. When seaweed breaks down it allows moisture to better travel through your medium, which allows for improved root growth and nutrient intake.
  3. When added as a mulch on top of soil, seaweed acts as a barrier that reduces the ability of weeds to grow through. Anything that does make it through is easier to remove since mulch helps to retain moisture.
  4. Due to antibacterial properties and compounds, seaweed helps fights off bad bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It also acts as a repellent for slugs and other pests.
  5. This also in turn, promotes the growth of good bacteria that helps create a sustainable ecosystem within your soil/medium.
  6. Enriches and conditions the soil. Seaweed is rich in beneficial trace minerals that stimulate plant growth and helps balance soil deficiencies.
  7. Lastly, seaweed is a compatible substance that mixes well with other plant matter for mulch. You can use almost any type of plant matter together with seaweed in a mulch without any risk, and multiple benefits!
We offer a few great products that have all the benefits of seaweed and kelp mentioned above, without having to collect and mulch your own. Remo Nutrient’s VeloKelp is a great nutrient that can be added to your medium, or as a foliar spray from propagation all the way up to flower to promote root growth and nutrient intake. Cyco’s Ryzofuel is a nutrient created from Tasmanian Bull Kelp during vegetative stage to promote natural root, stem, and leaf formation. All products mentioned are available on our online store, as well as our new storefront location at 376 Kingston Rd in Pickering, both are open 7 days a week. Please stop by if you have any questions, or send us an email to