Should I Choose Fluorescent or LED Grow Lights

Should I Choose Fluorescent or LED Grow Lights

Are you looking into getting new grow lights for your hydroponic growing setup but aren’t quite sure what you should choose? Both fluorescent and LED grow lights offer adequate lighting to promote the growth of indoor plants and crops. However, there are some differences in function, cost, efficiency and lifespan that you might wish to consider.

At Tree of Life, we are committed to providing our customers with the best hydroponic equipment and supplies. We are dedicated to helping you succeed with hydroponic growing and love sharing our expert-level knowledge of growing with you. In this post, we help you understand some of the main differences between LED and fluorescent grow lights.

Knowing which one is best for you can be a tough call. If you are having trouble deciding, connect with a member of our team. We would be pleased to help you find the right option for your needs and budget. Come see why we are the hydroponic supply store Newmarket, Pickering, and Bowmanville residents depend on.

Do LED Grow Lights Need a Ballast?

LED lights function a bit differently than more traditional fluorescent grow lights. Though they are a good choice for nearly any growing setup, it’s important to know that a ballast is not a requirement for this style of light. A ballast is essential for fluorescent lights as it regulates the flow of electricity to your lights. This helps to prevent overheating and reduces fire risk.

LED lights function differently than fluorescent lights and instead require a direct current which is typically integrated into the fixture. Overheating is less of a concern for LED lights as they are more efficient and do not produce as much heat. A ballast is inexpensive and not something you need to stress over if you do have fluorescent lighting. Knowing how your light functions is a good idea and can help you better understand the limitations and benefits of your chosen indoor grow lights.

Do LED Lights Last Longer?

LED grow lights can seem expensive, particularly when you are just getting started with hydroponic growing. However, it is important to keep in mind that these lights can offer savings in the long run. LED is more efficient and can last much longer than traditional options such as CFL grow lights (fluorescent).

When considering which lighting option is best for hydroponic growing, keeping your personal needs and goals in mind is essential. Know that both options can be a smart choice that will work well for hydroponic growth. Our post, What Lights Should I Use for Growing Plants, offers additional insight into helping you choose the right option for you.

How Can I Know How to Install My Grow Lights Properly?

LED and fluorescent grow lights can help you succeed with hydroponic growing, but to get the best results, you’ll want to know how to use them correctly. We are always sharing our tips and tricks to help you get the best results. See our posts, Where Should I Place a Grow Light for Hydroponic Growing and How to Hang Grow Lights in a Grow Tent, for information on how to hang and use your lights effectively.

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