Temperature Control in a Grow Tent – Why it Matters and How to Manage It

Temperature Control in a Grow Tent – Why it Matters and How to Manage It

Having a grow tent is invaluable when it comes to being successful with hydroponic growing. Yet, using one isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it process. Instead, you’ll need to be mindful of the environment inside the tent to improve your crop yield and make growing a more rewarding endeavour. Just like a greenhouse, the inside of your grow tent can get hot and humid quickly. You’ll want to create a balanced environment that is not too hot or cold, with just the right amount of humidity too.

At Tree of Life, we are the hydroponic supply store Pickering, Bowmanville, and Newmarket growers depend on. We know that troubleshooting grow tent temperature and humidity can come with a learning curve. That’s why we are here to share our expert-level knowledge of growing with you. In this post, we’ll identify how to heat up grow tent and how to lower temps in grow tent, making it easy for you to succeed. Need some extra support? Contact us today for personalized support.

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How to Lower Temps in a Grow Tent

In our post, Is a Grow Tent Worth It, we help you understand why a grow tent is a must-have piece of equipment to support your growing goals. Knowing how to keep a cooler environment in your grow tent is essential, and thankfully, the process of how to lower temps in grow tents is simple. Just like you would turn on a fan to keep cool, you’ll want a fan in your grow tent to regulate the environment. Simply investing in quality fans and filters for your grow tent can make a difference and allow your tent to stay at an optimal temperature. Fans also assist with regulating the humidity, making them a must-have part of your kit.

Our post, Grow Tent Fans, What You Should Know about Exhaust and Intake, is a great resource for learning more about how grow tent fans operate.

How to Heat Up a Grow Tent

A too-hot grow tent can dry out your crops and possibly cause damage too. Yet having a certain level of warmth can promote growth and is something you’ll want to ensure you’ve got right. A temperature range between 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit is an expected temperature range for your grow tent, depending on what stage of the growing process you are in. You can utilize a variety of techniques to control the temperature of your grow tent, including ancillary heaters, heat lamps, and even soil heating mats to control temperature ranges. You may also find that simply reducing fan usage can help you achieve an adequate temperature range as grow lights such as CFL grow lights produce heat when in use.

How to Control Humidity in a Grow Tent

Grow tent temperature is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to being successful with hydroponic growing. You’ll also want to ensure you carefully monitor humidity levels too. Dehumidifiers and timers can help you to seamlessly control the environment in your grow tent. For more support with learning how to control humidity, see our post, How to Lower Humidity in a Grow Tent.

Hydroponic growing doesn’t have to be a headache. Get started on the right foot with the support of experts at Tree of Life. We look forward to supporting you with your growing journey and have a variety of equipment and supplies to make your life easier, such as our grow tent kits.