The Importance of Investing in Your Setup

We thought we’d use our blog as a place to offer more insight into hydroponics, what it entails, the benefits, and some of the tips we’ve learned along the way. So without further ado, our first blog post is about the importance of investing in a good setup!
Hydroponics is not a new thing, but certainly since the legalization of cannabis in Canada, in October it’s become something a lot more people are searching for. Which means that hydroponic equipment is becoming a lot more popular, even in big retail chains such as Home Depot and Amazon. So what’s the difference between buying a hydroponic grow light from Home Depot, and a designated hydroponic supplier? The short answer: quality, and intended use. If you’re looking to seriously get started with hydroponics to grow your own cannabis plants (or any other plants for that matter) at home, it’s important to have equipment that specifically supports that function. You’ll get out of it what you put in, so investing in things such as your setup, nutrients, medium, and equipment will ensure that you have a successful grow.
Firstly, a proper setup is crucial so that you create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive, which is an important factor in hydroponics. A grow tent will ensure that irritating elements are kept out, such as light, pests, moisture etc., and you can create and maintain the perfect temperature and humidity inside. Installing an inline fan and filter is also necessary to help with circulating fresh air to your plants, and controlling these variables.
Second, using specifically designed “hydroponic” elements to grow your plants is crucial. This means choosing a good quality medium (such as coco coir) and nutrients created exactly for cannabis plants, at different stages of growth. Avoiding products such as “miraclegro” or other generic plant nutrients, and instead using ones created for hydroponics will ensure that your plants get everything the need to grow, and not just the bare minimum.
Third, making sure you have all the right equipment is another key factor to ensuring your plants grow and thrive. You can’t do your job properly if you don’t have the right tools, right? So making sure you have tools like a pH meter, and proper grow pots will mean that you’re fully equipped to handle your new hobby. Testing the pH of your medium (and water) is the key to making sure your plants are able to absorb the optimal amount of nutrients!
Additionally, you’ll want to make sure they have a great home in a proper growing pot, that allows for good root growth, drainage, and airflow. All of these things add up to mean bigger, healthier plants, which ultimately translates into bigger and better yields for you!
Ultimately, your experience with hydroponics, and growing your own plants is all about what you’re willing to put into it! If you’re looking for big results, it’s definitely worthwhile to spend a bit of time researching your equipment before purchasing, as well as investing in a good quality setup, specifically designed for day to day use, as well as the proper nutrients. Everything we supply comes from highly recommended companies, that specialize in hydroponics. Be sure to take a look through our online store to see what could benefit your grow in the future!