Why Soil pH Matters for Cannabis Growing & How to Control pH Levels

Why Soil pH Matters for Cannabis Growing & How to Control pH Levels

Hydroponic growing offers you the ability to control the growing environment of your plants. Though this can make it easier for you to be successful with growing, it also means you’ll need to stay on top of keeping the growing environment optimal. Variables such as nutrients, humidity levels, and even pH levels of your growing media can all impact the health of your plants. When growing cannabis, it is especially important to stay on top of the growing environment, as each variable can impact the overall quality of your crops.

At Tree of Life, we are the hydroponic supply store Bowmanville, Pickering and Newmarket growers turn to when looking for support with hydroponic growing. We know that soil pH is an important variable to consider when growing cannabis. In this post, we help you understand why pH matters and help you learn how to monitor and adjust soil or growing media pH. When you need support with growing, we are here to offer you the best hydroponic equipment and supplies, paired with our expert-level knowledge.

What is Soil pH, and Why Does it Matter When Growing Cannabis?

Soil pH refers to the measure of acidity or basicity of soil. When it comes to growing plants such as cannabis, having the right pH level is essential. Though most plants like a somewhat acidic environment, cannabis plants respond best to pH levels between 6-7. There is no perfect pH level to obtain, so don’t feel stressed if the levels fluctuate a bit over time. Simply focus on ensuring that pH levels stay within an optimal range. Though your cannabis can survive outside of this range, getting the pH just right can help to ensure your plants are of the best quality.

It’s also important to note that too little or too much acidity in your growing media can inhibit cannabis growth entirely by blocking nutrient absorption. For this reason, using meters for hydroponic growing is a good idea. By understanding the pH levels of your soil or growing media, you can make adjustments and protect your plants.

How to Adjust Soil pH

Learning how to increase or lower soil pH for cannabis plants is important. Thankfully, the process of adjusting pH levels is relatively simple. After measuring your pH levels, you can use products specifically designed to lower or increase pH levels or turn to more natural solutions. You can consider using diluted lemon juice or vinegar in small quantities to lower pH, while using natural products such as lime can assist in increasing pH. For new growers, pH up or pH down products may be your best bet as this can simplify the troubleshooting process.

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