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Are you just getting started with hydroponic growing and are feeling unsure about what you need to get started? A grow tent is a necessity when it comes to indoor growing, but knowing the size you’ll need as well as the other equipment you should have can be a consuming task. At Tree of Life, we want to help make your growing journey easier. We supply you with everything you need to become a successful grower and will support you with our expert level knowledge at every step of the way.

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We know that a 2x2 grow tent can be a great first step for many novice growers. When looking for a 2x2 grow tent you can depend on us to have quality hydroponic growing supplies and equipment both locally and through our online store. Let us help you get the equipment you need to get started, successfully.

What Can a 2x2 Grow Tent Hold?

For many growers, a 2x2 grow tent is the perfect option for someone looking to grow just one plant, however, this may depend on the type of plant being grown. We are always available to help you choose the ideal grow tent for your needs based on your growing goals.

Do You Sell Grow Tent Kits?

To have a successful crop, you’ll want to be prepared with the right hydroponic growing equipment. We make things simple by providing you with grow tent kits that take out the guesswork of what you need. Ask us which kit would work best for your growing goals.

What Grow Lights Should I Choose?

Beyond grow tents, you’re also going to need the right grow light solution to ensure a successful crop. We carry a large selection of grow lights and would be pleased to help you find the right lighting option for your crop and budget.

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