3' x 3' x 5.25' Premium All-in-One 600D Tent Package

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3' x 3 x 5.25' Premium All-in-One 600D Mylar Tent Package

Our all-in-one premium tent packages feature everything you need to get your indoor garden started. Perfect for growing your favorite plants, herbs, vegetables or flowers while providing maximum growth and great yields. Our affordable low maintenance packages are designed to reduce energy consumption by up to ⅓ of conventional lighting sources. The Mars II LED fixture also generates significantly less heat in the tent.

Our products are ETL certified for safe use in North America.

Package includes:

  • 3' x 3 x 5' Fusion Hut 600D Mylar Grow Tent
  • Mars II LED Grow Light (Veg/Flower)
  • Fusion Breath 4" Inline Fan (189 CFM)
  • 4" (300mm) Fusion Breath Carbon Filter 4"x12" (200 CFM)
  • Fan Speed Centrifugal Controller 110/120V
  • 7 Day Digital Timer w/ 2 Outlets 110/120V
  • 25' Length of 4" Flexpipe
  • Aluminum Duct Tape
  • Ratchet Ropes (2pk)