Alfred Net Pot Lid 6" - 3.5g / 5g Bucket

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Alfred’s mesh pot bucket lids turn your everyday 3.5 and 5 gallon buckets into instant hydroponic gardens! The heavy duty lid fits snugly over 12” bucket openings, keeping your nutrient solution inside the bucket and algae feeding light outside. The 6” net pot at the center of Alfred’s Bucket Lid can support small to large plants and works with any grow medium. For Deep Water Culture hydroponics, we recommend using Liaflor Clay Pellets 8-16mm.

  • Fits standard 3.5 Gal. and 5 Gal. buckets
  • 12” Overall diameter 
  • 6” x 4.5” deep net pot 
  • Heavy duty 
  • Black light proof plastic helps prevent algae growth