Anden Steam Humidifier w/ Fan Pack & Control

Anden Steam Humidifier w/ Fan Pack & Control

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Create the perfect growing and drying conditions for your high value plants with the Anden Steam Humidifier.

In your grow room, Air that is not humid enough will cause excessive transpiration. As the plant diffuses water in dry conditions, it cannot be absorbed and replaced quickly enough by the root system. This retards your plants growth, producing slow growing and weak, poor quality plants. In your Drying room, Air that is not humid enough will dry the plants too quickly, degrading the quality, aroma, and flavor. The low quality end-result reduces the overall value and salability of your crop.

The Anden AS35FP is a high capacity electrode-type humidifier which runs independently of your HVAC system. The humidifier is capable of between 11.5 and 34.6 gallons per day, providing humidity to grow rooms up to 6,200square feet. Running on cold water, the Anden AS35FP generates steam by energizing the two electrodes in the steam canister. Current flowing in between the electrodes causes the water to boil, creating steam. Steam is delivered into the grow/drying room via the Fan Pack. The modulating control will vary the Modulating Steam Humidifier’s output based on the difference between the set point and actual RH. When the RH set point is reached the humidifier stops producing steam and continues to energize the fan in the fan pack for 2 minutes to push any residual steam out into the grow/drying room.

The Anden AS35FP has many advanced safety and operational features:
  • Internal Control Board: Manages the complete operation of the humidifier. Fills and drains to maintain proper amperage draw, water level and notifies when service is required.
  • Back Flow Protection: Air gap in the fill cap prevents pressure built up.
  • Water Level Sensor: Manages the water level in the steam canister to prevent overfilling.
  • Automatic Drain and Fill Cycle: Unit flushes and fills periodically to maintain the proper conductivity.
  • Drain Water Tempering: Unit uses cold inlet water to temper the canister water reducing the drain water temperature below 140°F to protect PVC piping and condensation pumps.
  • End-of-Season Drain: After a 72-hour period with no call for humidity the humidifier will drain the water from the canister. Unit will remain in stand-by until next call for humidification.
  • Operating Time Monitor: Accumulates actual humidifier run time to activate periodic drain and fill cycles, end-of-season drain function and monitors the life of canister.
A simple display panel provides the power switch for on/off operation and illuminated LEDs to show fill, drain, steam operations, and diagnostics. Maintenance is a breeze, no cleaning or scrubbing required. Simply remove the factory installed canister and replace.

The Model AS35FP includes
  • The Steam Humidifier
  • Fan Pack
  • Model 5558 Control
  • Model 4028 Drain trap assembly
  • 6’ steam hose
  • 10’ drain tubing
The Anden model AS35FP must be installed by a local HVAC professional.