Athena Renew - 18.9L

Athena Renew - 18.9L

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Athena Renew is a specialized blend of acids, oxidizers, and chelators – for the removal and prevention of scale, as well as biofilm build-up in irrigation lines. Renew is a one-of-kind product that is safe for use in irrigation pipes as well as drip irrigation lines in between crop cycles.

Athena Renew contains etidronic acid (HEDP) which chelates and bind metals and minerals that build up in irrigation lines. High levels of food-grade hydrogen peroxide oxidize and remove biofilm and other organic build-up. This combination is more powerful than strictly acid-based line cleaners providing growers with a more robust and concentrated solution for optimal irrigation system maintenance.  TO ORDER THIS PRODUCT PLEASE CALL US AT 905-509-4884

Features :

  • Removes heavy biofilm and mineral build-up
  • Multiple modes of action to break up and flush dirt
  • Keep irrigation systems running optimally
  • Cleans pumps, filters, emitters, manifolds, valves, and membranes
  • Restores and extends the life of poorly functioning irrigation systems
  • Low mix rate for cost efficiency

Irrigation System Purge

For shock treatment when irrigation lines have biofilm or there is visible slime build-up, use Athena Renew at a rate of 1 fl. oz. per gallon of water. Hold products in irrigation lines for up to 12 hours and then flush to remove waste material. Flush irrigation systems with Athena Reset to sanitize and disinfect before adding plants back into the cultivation environment.