Canna Bio Rhizotonic - 1L

Canna Bio Rhizotonic - 1L

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ORGANIC BIOCANNA RHIZOTONIC is a certified organic root stimulator (OMRI). BioRHIZOTONIC contains a range of vitamins, including vitamins B1 and B2.

It stimulates the development of roots (hairs), root tips and increases the resistance of the plant. A powerful root system ensures that the plant can absorb more nutrients and grow faster.

BioRHIZOTONIC has a significant vitalizing effect on plants.
Thanks to BioRHIZOTONIC, plants spread their roots faster in the subsoil.
This is why BioRHIZOTONIC is, among other things, an ideal remedy for stressed plants such as cuttings during repotting.

BioRHIZOTONIC also restores and strengthens unhealthy or bad-looking plants.

How to use:

Shake the bottle well before use
Dosage: 20 ml - 40 ml per 10 L / 8 ml - 16 ml per gal. (1: 500 - 1: 250)
Use 1 to 6 times daily on the culture medium and / or spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system has developed.
Decrease the dose to 5 ml per 10 L / 2 ml per gallon (1: 2000) after the development of a solid root system
When potting, pre-treat the culture medium with this solution