Grodan Starter Plugs 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" - 98 Cells

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The ideal propagation medium, Grodan's sustainable rock wool starter cubes saturate easily, hold their shape, and distribute EC evenly. To reduce the risk of damage to seedlings and cuttings, it’s important for your grow cube to be firm and hold its’ shape. Grodan starter cubes remain firm, despite the low density of their fiber structure. Their rock wool grow cubes were developed to have low resistance to developing roots, resulting in quicker rooting and growth.


  • Uniform germination and plant development
  • Optimal air / water balance in the rock wool substrate
  • Excellent firmness and shape retention
  • Fiber structure with a lower density (with no loss of firmness!) for less resistance during rooting
  • Rapid rooting from plug to cube