DNF Dutch Nutrient Hydro Sparkle - 500ml

DNF Dutch Nutrient Hydro Sparkle - 500ml

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Dutch Nutrient Formula DNF Hydro Sparkle is a nutrient solution cleaner.

Use DNF Hydro Sparkle in conjunction with beneficial microbe treatments to clean dirty reservoirsroot rot or waterlogged root zones.

DNF Hydro Sparkle enhances the growth and general well-being of hydroponic plants, without harming the plants or having a toxic effect.

It is the perfect solution to clear the grunge that forms in the reservoirs.

DNF Hydro Sparkle is all natural and was formulated to eradicate universal problems. It is derived from natural sources and is non-toxic, non-systemic and safe for people, plants, and pets. DNF Hydro Sparkle works as an emulsifying agent. The result is the plants root zone becoming healthy again producing lush healthy plants.

Do not use in conjunction with other root zone treatments, stimulants or preventatives.

DNF Hydro Sparkle...
- enhances the growth
- cleaning solution for nutrient
- eradicate fungus and pest resistant
- non-toxic for people
- emulsifying agent
- produces healthy plants