Ferminator Organic Plant Wash

Ferminator Organic Plant Wash

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Ferminator is an all natural plant wash that is effective at cleaning foliage of dust, dirt and other 'contaminates'.

Manufactured, incorporating EM (effective microorganisms) to outcompete pathogens on the leaves, it is an effective treatment and prevention of issues, such as white powdery mildew. These same microbes are used to ferment fresh herbs that are known to act as a deterrent to sap sucking pests, such as spider mites, thrips and aphids, to mention a few.

We also add acetic acid and grain alcohol in small amounts to the process, which create 'natural esters'. These esters, when consumed by aforementioned pests, causes 'intestinal intoxication', thereby killing the pest within minutes, leaving no oils, residues or toxins behind on your plant foliage.

Ferminator is safe for plants, animals and humans and does not require special personal protection equipment.

Directions for use:

General plant wash- Add 2 ml of plant wash to 1 litre of water in a spray bottle or pump sprayer.
Apply liberally to leaves and stems weekly. Allow to drip dry. May be applied in sunlight.
Pest control- Add 4 ml of plant wash plus a couple drops of dish soap (surfactant) per litre of water in a pump sprayer or fogger. Apply liberally to tops and bottoms of leaves and stems.
To eliminate an infestation, repeat for 6-7 days straight, thereby breaking the breeding cycle. May be used throughout flowering. (May cause some browning of pistils if used extensively with lights on)

Use weekly as a part of a preventative maintenance program for Pests and Powdery Mildew.