FloraFlex Incubator 50 Cell Insert Tray

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The Incubator™ 50 Cell – 40|40 Insert Tray 1.25″ was engineered to house the FloraFlex® Incubator™ Plugs and propagate plants in their earliest stages of life, use the full incubator system for optimal results. Made from BPA and Lead Free.

To use simply insert seeds/cuttings into Incubator™ Plugs, then place plugs into the Incubator Insert Tray’s cells. The FloraFlex® Incubator™ System is designed to accelerate growth through patent pending aerated convection.

  • Use with the Incubator Dome 
  • Use with Incubator Bottom Tray 
  • Use with Incubator Coco Plugs 
Dimensions & weight
  • Dimensions: 20" L x 10" W x 1.75" H
  • Weight: 0.7 lbs