Gold Sky Organics Premium Living Soil 15L
Gold Sky Organics Premium Living Soil 15L
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Gold Sky Organics Premium Living Soil 15L

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Our Premium Organic Living Soil contains a wide range of macro and micronutrients, minerals, natural growth-promoting substances, organic soil conditioners, beneficial bacteria, and mycorrhizal fungi that support plant success. It is the most complete organic living soil on the market today.

It's compatible with all existing irrigation systems and grow containers. It also works as an excellent base in no-till organic horticultural programs.

The soil is ideal for professional and at-home cultivators that demand a fertile, ready-to-use organic living soil that carries little to no risk of pest introduction - one that's built out of ingredients that actually make a difference from seed to harvest.


  • Boasts the highest organic earthworm castings content in Canada (35% by volume, 65% by weight). They're OMRI and EcoCert listed, and produced completely indoors to virtually eliminate the risk of pest introduction.
  • Aged for a minimum of 90 days in humidity and temperature controlled chambers before being testing and packaging. This process increases nutrient availability, allows safe seed germination, removes "hot" spots, and lets the grower use it immediately after purchase.
  • Crafted with sphagnum peat moss sourced solely from Canada - the only peat moss in the world that has a pH between 3.5 and 4.5. It has superior water to air ratio retention, and keeps root zone pH where it should be when mixed with the other ingredients in our soil.
  • Made with professional grade, super-coarse #4 perlite. It's the largest grain perlite available, which takes longer to breakdown when compared with smaller grain perlite. This provides outstanding aeration and drainage - ideal for container grows.
  • Does not contain any forest fines (bark, twigs, leaves, leaf compost etc.), barnyard waste (pig litter, cow manure, chicken droppings etc.), or synthetic fertilizers.
  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) focused production - low risk ingredients are blended, aged, packaged and stored 100% indoors. This feature is greatly desired by modern indoor cultivators, and makes it compatible with IPM regimes.


  • Promotes vigorous growth and prolific flowering
  • Enhances essential oil production
  • Increases plant resistance to disease and pest organisms
  • Safe for seed germination and cloning
  • Introduces microbial activity to depleted soils
  • Increases resistance to environmental plant stress
  • Excellent microbial tea starter
  • Increases quantity of harvests
  • Suitable for all photoperiod and auto-flowering varieties
  • Compatible with all grow containers and irrigation systems
  • Reduces watering and routine fertilizing


  • Over 60 chelated minerals and elements
  • Over 16 organic and naturally derived soil nutrient sources
  • Macronutrients: 1.2% N – 0.4% P – 0.2% K
  • Growth biostimulants: cytokinins and betaines
  • Chelating agents: mannitol and oligo-alginates
  • Beneficial bacteria: genera bacillus and pseudomonas
  • Beneficial fungi: genera trichoderma and glomus mycorrhizae