Nutri+ Black (Humic) - 1L

Nutri+ Black (Humic) - 1L

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Nutri+ BLACK


Humic acid.

Compatible with all mineral and organic nutrients

Perfect for any growing medium.

For growth and flowering.

Developed from complex humic substances stemming from leonardite and natural wetting agent extracted from the yucca

Excellent for germination and roots.


·         Accelerates the germination and revitalizes the rhisosphere efficiency.

·         Optimizes the absorption of nutrients and increases the chlorophyll content.

·         The yucca extract in nutri+ BLACK stimulates the biological activity in the soil and stabilizes the pH.

·         Prevents accumulation of salts and precipitation of nutrients, especially the calcium (Ca) necessary for the production of healthy roots and the enhancement of the immune system, and the phosphorus ( P) useful to the overall growth of the plant, in particular the root system and the stem.

·         Increases the production and quality of flowers and fruits.

·         Restores and improves the permeability of the growth medium.


The active biochemical structure of nutri+ BLACK converts several mineral complexes in similar forms while accelerating and facilitating the natural absorption of the plant. A better extraction of micro and macro elements reduces the accumulation of salts.


The powerful chelating capacity of nutri+ BLACK allows to make several minerals and organic matters soluble and available, optimizing many vital functions, including the production of chlorophyll.


An effective use of your fertilizer inevitably leads to an increase of the quality, quantity and profitability of your flower production.