Are Grow Lights Safe?

Are Grow Lights Safe

Have you ever wondered if the grow lights you use to grow plants indoors are safe for you to be around? Though humans are surrounded by artificial light daily, there’s something about the intense light provided by indoor grow lights that can give you pause and make you wonder, are grow lights safe?

Generally speaking, grow lights are perfectly safe to use though there are a few safety considerations you may wish to keep in mind. In this post, we outline what you might want to know about indoor grow lights and also offer some insight into choosing the best one for you. At Tree of Life, we are always here to help make your hydroponic growing journey a great one.

Are Grow Lights Dangerous? What You Should Know

Many people wonder whether grow lights are dangerous. Most often, they wonder if LED grow lights can cause cancer or other health concerns. LED lights are used widely, and we are constantly exposed to artificial light both indoors and outdoors through lighting systems, our mobile phones, TVs and electronic devices. LED and other artificial lighting are considered to be safe, but it is something you may wish to consider limiting your exposure to.

LED lights may cause damage to the eyes, according to the European Commission. However, this risk is generally considered to be more of an issue at night when forms of light are not naturally available. A risk of breast cancer is also linked to light exposure at night for those who do shift work. Though there may be some risks to using LED lights, it is not a concern for the average person who is not exposed to excess lighting in the evening. Hydroponic growers should try to limit the amount of time they spend near grow lights in the evening, though short-term exposure to grow lights is nothing that you need to be highly concerned with. Always speak with your doctor about any potential health concerns you may have.

Are Grow Lights Safe For Pets?

If you are a pet lover and also love growing hydroponically, you may have wondered are LED grow lights safe for pets. Though it can be hard to say, it is likely best to keep your pets out of your grown tent and away from lights. Pets may ingest plants that could cause them harm if left unsupervised near a grow tent and may also cause damage to plants and equipment. Since you love your pets, it's likely best to just keep them away from products not intended for them!

How Can I Choose the Right Grow Light?

Choosing a grow light can seem like a daunting process with so many options available. However, finding the right option for you often comes down to finding a grow light that suits both your budget and growing goals. Many growers turn to CFL grow lights or LED grow lights for their familiarity and ease of use; however, nearly any grow light available may be a good choice.

Our previous article, What Lights Should I Use for Growing Plants offers more insight into finding the right option for your needs. Need more support in making the right choice? Contact us today and let us help you find the best indoor grow lights for your growing setup.