Grow Tent Fans, What You Should Know about Exhaust and Intake Fans

Grow Tent Fans, What You Should Know about Exhaust and Intake Fans

If you’ve ever been inside a greenhouse, you’re likely no stranger to the hot, sticky, and humid feeling that comes along with it. Though your grow tent may not be as large-scale as a greenhouse, it can easily get very hot and humid. Though your plants may love humidity and heat from grow lights, too much of a good thing can quickly become a problem. Fans are one way to help create the optimal environment for growing, yet knowing how to use them effectively can sometimes feel tricky.

At Tree of Life, we love sharing our passion for hydroponic growing with you. We know that getting started with or troubleshooting hydroponics can be overwhelming; that’s why we are here to simplify your growing setup. In this post, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about both intake and exhaust fans for hydroponic growing. From whether or not you need them, to helping you set them up, we want to boost your success and make growing more fun.

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Do You Need an Intake Fan for a Grow Tent, or Is an Exhaust Fan Enough?

When first getting started with hydroponic growing, many of our customers ask us, do you need an intake fan for a grow tent? Though in many cases, you may not definitively need an intake fan, it may be worth it for some growers to invest in one. An intake fan's purpose is to bring fresh air into your grow tent and cool down the space. Many growers enjoy the fresh environment that an intake fan creates, as having one allows for more oxygen to enter the space.

Though intake fans are a good idea, you’ll want to be sure to prioritize an exhaust fan over an intake fan during your initial setup. Your exhaust fan plays a similar role to the intake fan though instead of bringing new air in, it pushes the stale, warm air out. As your grow tent will get warm and humid, it is essential that you have an exhaust fan to help cool it down and maintain an optimal environment.

How to Install an Inline Duct Fan

When looking to learn how to install inline duct fan in a grow tent for the first time, your best bet is to follow the instructions set out by the manufacturer. Though instructions can vary based on your specific product, general instructions for how to hang exhaust fan in grow tent

  1. Attach duct to grow tent – your grow tent should come with space to attach a duct. Place a duct where indicated, typically this is a hole in the top corner of your tent.

  2. Attach the mount to the fan – your fan may come with mounting equipment. Follow the directions of the manufacturer to attach the fan to the mounting hardware.

  3. Attach the fan to the tent mount bar – many grow tents will also come with pre-installed mounting equipment near the exhaust hole. Use this to attach your fan.

  4. Secure fan – Once the fan has been attached to the tent, ensure that the installation is secure by using zip ties. This will provide more stability for the fan.

  5. Attach duct to fan – Once the fan is in place, you may attach the duct to the fan. Test that the fan is working correctly and route air outdoors or to an appropriate indoor location.

What Are Other Products That Can Help Boost My Success with Growing?

Hydroponic growing requires a fair amount of equipment and can feel intimidating when you are just getting started. Thankfully, having a great growing setup doesn’t have to be complicated. At Tree of Life, we make it easy to get started with our grow tent kits and are always here to help you make the best choices for your needs.

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