How Much Water Is Needed to Grow Cannabis Hydroponically?

How Much Water Is Needed to Grow Cannabis Hydroponically

If you’ve ever considered growing cannabis either in your home garden or indoors hydroponically, you’ve likely wondered, how much water does a weed plant need to grow? Though it is true that cannabis plants require a fair amount of water to thrive, it is not something that you will need to obsess about. In fact, choosing to grow cannabis hydroponically can help simplify the growing process as it creates a controlled environment that is easier to monitor and adjust based on your plants' needs.

At Tree of Life, we understand that knowing how much and how often to water your hydroponic plants can feel like quite a learning curve. That’s why we are always here to offers support and guidance along your hydroponic growing journey. In this post, we outline the basics surrounding how much water cannabis plants need and take the guesswork out of knowing when and how much water to give to your crops.

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Does Growing Cannabis Require a Lot of Water?

Have you heard that growing cannabis requires a lot of water? This rumour is, in fact, true. According to a study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, cannabis uses more water than other crops, including wheat, corn, and rice, even when grown indoors. This may be something you want to keep in mind when considering growing cannabis. Most growers find that they enjoy the satisfaction of growing their own cannabis and consider the process rewarding. Needing to provide adequate water to cannabis crops is not often seen as a burden for those who enjoy growing.

How Often Should I Water Hydroponic Plants?

The frequency of watering your cannabis plants when growing hydroponically will depend on the growing medium used and the method in which you are choosing to grow your plants. Many growers adopt systems that ensure their crops have access to the right amount of nutrients and water continuously, while others have staggered systems. It can take trial and error, or expert advice, to help determine how much water and nutrients your crops need

Why Should I Consider Hydroponic Growing?

Though both hydroponic and traditional growing methods for cannabis require a large amount of water to grow, growing hydroponically may be the optimal choice. As your hydroponic growing systems are controlled, you are able to closely monitor the growth of your crops and make adjustments as needed. Additionally, you can offer a more targeted nutrient regimen for different stages of the growing process. Beyond the control provided by growing hydroponically, you can also look forward to crops that grow faster and most often with better results than you could achieve when growing outdoors.

Getting started with hydroponic growing can seem like a big task, and it can take some time to truly thrive with growing. Thankfully, the experts at Tree of Life are always here to help. Contact us today our see our resources for growing and learn helpful tips such as How to Lower Humidity in a Grow Tent or learn Where Should I Place a Grow Light; we are always here to help.