How to Hang Grow Lights in a Grow Tent

Grow lights are an essential component of any indoor hydroponic growing setup. Though there are a variety of lighting options available, knowing which one to choose for your needs can be a tough call, especially when you are just getting started with your hydroponic growing setup. Once you’ve settled in on the type of light you desire, you’re going to need to learn how to hang grow lights effectively.

How to Hang Grow Lights in a Grow Tent

At Tree of Life, we are the hydroponic supply store Bowmanville, Pickering, and Durham Region residents depend on. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the hydroponic equipment they need to be successful while offering education and support every step of the way. In this post, we outline grow tent options and provide some helpful tips to help you hang your grow lights properly.

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Which Grow Lights Should I Buy?

There are a variety of different grow light options to choose from. Though they all generally do the same job, some offer benefits such as not giving off excess heat while others offer more affordability for a grower on a budget. Our previous post, What Lights Should I Use for Growing Plants offers insight into choosing the best lighting option for your needs through any of the following options will work well for an indoor hydroponic growing setup.

How to Hang LED Grow Lights and Other Light Options

Learning how to hang grow light in tent for hydroponic growing is relatively simple though there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. In many cases, grow lights can be hung directly to the support frames within your grow tent or you could look towards options such as a grow light stand.

If using the frames of the grow tent to hang your grow lights, you will need to attach the light to the frame using cords. When using a stand, follow the directions provided by the manufacturer of the stand to ensure the lights are installed safely and correctly. If you’re feeling stuck with hanging your grow lights, reach out to the experts at Tree of Life for support.

Tips for Hanging Indoor Grow Lights

Lights should be installed in a flat position – your grow lights are designed to provide light directly to your plants and as such, they need to be installed flat rather than on an angle or pointing towards a wall of your grow tent. Keep an eye on how your grow lights are sitting as you install them.

Lights should generally be installed above your plant – for smaller grow tents, installing your grow lights directly above your plants is likely fairly straightforward. However, if your tent is a bit roomier, ensure your plants are located directly below the lights to maximize their efficiency and promote growth.

Lights should be too far or too close to your plants – lights that are hanging too close can give off heat which can be detrimental to plants of all types. In the same breath, lights that are too far away might not offer adequate light. Getting the light just right is important. Follow directions for hanging to ensure success and reach out for support if you are having issues with your lighting setup.

Getting your hydroponic growing setup started can feel like an overwhelming process. At Tree of Life, we’re here to make hydroponic growing easier and more enjoyable too. Simplify your growing setup with one of our grow tent kits and contact us for support with getting started. We look forward to helping you achieve your growing goals.