How to Lower Humidity in a Grow Tent

Humidity is an important part of hydroponic growing and monitoring levels of humidity can sometimes feel like a challenge due to different plants thriving with different humidity levels. Too much humidity can be detrimental to plants and growing equipment as it can promote mould growth while too little humidity can lead to dehydration of plants. Keeping humidity levels low can also be something you want to do when it comes to drying out crops such as cannabis. Whatever your goals are, controlling humidity is an important part of hydroponic growing.

How to Lower Humidity in a Grow Tent

At Tree of Life, we are proud to provide our customers with not only the hydroponic supplies and equipment they need but also the education and support to become successful with their growing goals. From providing you with simplified growing equipment such as grow tent kits and efficient grow lights, to helping you get nutrients right and troubleshoot humidity concerns, we are always here to help. In this post, we offer insight into figuring out how to lower humidity in a grow tent without dehumidifier or with a dehumidifier and outline how you can dry out crops in a grow tent.

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How to Lower Humidity in a Grow Tent

Humidity is the measure of how much water vapour is in the air. If you’ve ever been inside a greenhouse, you can immediately feel the humidity and though it can be uncomfortable for humans, is an important part of growing plants. Creating too much humidity can be easy to do when using a grow tent for hydroponics and knowing how to lower the humidity levels is important.

How to Lower Humidity Using a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to lower humidity in a grow tent. By using a dehumidifier, you can take excess water vapour out of the air and adjust its use to get the humidity levels just right. Dehumidifiers are not a set-it-and-forget-it device, you will have to empty the dehumidifier regularly so look for a unit that has a larger capacity if possible. Remember that too little humidity is also an issue for plants so consider using a device to monitor humidity levels.

How to Lower Humidity Without Using a Dehumidifier

Though using a dehumidifier is a great option, sometimes its just not possible, especially when you are just getting started with your growing setup. If this is the case, there are many things you can do to reduce how much humidity is in your grow tent. The following tips can help you achieve the right levels of humidity with some practice.

Don’t over-water your plants – overwatering can kill plants but it can also have the negative impact of making your grow tent too humid too. Though hydroponic growing differs from traditional soil growing, it is still possible to introduce too much water and harm your plants while increasing humidity.

Ventilate your grow tent – proper ventilation goes a long way when it comes to reducing the amount of humidity in your grow tent. Consider using fans and filters in your grow tent to tame high-humidity levels and create a cooler environment for your plants.

Upgrade to a larger tent – having too many plants in a small space can contribute to high humidity levels. If you are packing as many plants as possible into a small space it could be contributing to your issues with humidity. Consider getting a large grow tent when things are getting crowded.

Can I Use My Grow Tent to Dry Out Cannabis?

Yes, you can use your grow tent to help dry out your crops such as cannabis. Knowing how to lower humidity in grow tents when drying can be tricky though, as grow tents can easily create too much humidity for drying. The following tips may be helpful to you as you dry your cannabis in your grow tent.

  • Use a humidity controller to keep humidity levels at around 50%
  • Aim to keep the temperature in the grow tent low
  • Utilize ventilation to create a dry environment
  • Keep the process slow to optimize your results

Hydroponically growing cannabis is rewarding though not always easy to get right. When you are just getting started it is likely best to consult with an expert who can offer advice every step of the way. Consider reaching out to the experts at Tree of Life to ensure your crops are optimal from seed to storage.