What Lights Should I Use for Growing Plants?

Lighting is essential to growing any type of plant and though some plants are more tolerant to low light or shade than others, light of some kind simply cannot be skipped. Outdoor plants will receive all the light they need if planted in an area that ensures they get adequate light throughout the day, however, indoor plants are often trickier to get right. Thankfully there are a variety of indoor growing light options to help your plants get exactly what they need.

What Lights Should I Use for Growing Plants

At Tree of Life, we are passionate about sharing our knowledge of hydroponic growing with our customers. Our customers often ask us, can a regular light bulb help plants grow and which grow lights are best for indoor growing? In this post, we break down the basics of indoor grow lights to help you make the best choice for your plants and growing goals.

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What Types of Lights are Best for Indoor Growing?

Have you ever wondered about what light bulbs to use for growing plants indoors? If you are getting started with hydroponic growing you likely understand that lights are essential though you might wonder, does a regular light bulb help plants grow or are LED grow lights better? We have the answers to your indoor light questions. Let’s get started with learning more about regular, incandescent lightbulbs and answer the question, do normal lights help plants grow?

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New growers often wonder, can incandescent light grow plants? Though the light provided by incandescent lights can be beneficial to plants and promote growth, this lighting option also comes with limitations. Regular, incandescent lightbulbs get hot and when used for a long period of time can create a hostile environment for your plants. This means you’ll need more lights, placed farther away, to provide enough light to grow plants. New growers might think using bulbs they already have will save money however, using regular light bulbs to grow indoors often ends up being inefficient and expensive.

Now that you understand why regular lights might not be your best option for indoor growing, you’ll want to learn about what other options are available. There are many varieties of indoor grow lights available and the right one for you will likely depend on your growing goals and budget. Below is a list of the most common indoor lighting options that you might wish to consider.

Knowing which light option is best for you can sometimes feel like a hard choice. If you are just getting started with hydroponic growing, consider starting with a grow tent kit and then ask for support with choosing the right lights based on your growing goals.

Why LED Lights Might Be Your Top Choice

LED lights are a great choice for hydroponic growers and those looking to give their indoor plants the light they need in winter or when their home doesn’t provide enough light. But do LED lights help plants grow? Yes, they really do! LED lights provide bright light efficiently and without causing excess heat which makes them ideal for many growers.

Our customers often ask us, are LED grow lights better than other options? In many cases, we can say that yes, LED lights are your best option. However, LED lights are also the more expensive option making them less ideal for growers on a budget or for those just getting started with growing. You may wonder, what LEDs are used in grow lights or whether you can use LED strip lights to grow plants and reduce your costs? Thankfully most LED lights can offer benefits to indoor plants including LED strip lights, however, strip lights might not be the most appropriate option for hydroponic growing.

If you are looking to get started with hydroponic growing you may also wonder, will fluorescent grow lights grow plants? Fluorescent lights are another great option that offers similar benefits to LED lights. If you need help choosing the best option for your needs, contact us today or visit us in-store at our Pickering or Bowmanville hydroponic supply store. We are always here to help.